Environmental Policy

Our work is instilled with a holistic view of people and the environment, and their mutual interaction. Through preventive measures and continuous improvement, we demonstrate our concern for our employees’ health and safety, and our respect for the environment.

Our principal aims will be to:

  • Strive to minimise discharges to land, air and water and in doing so prevent pollution 
  • Maintain an open dialogue with employees, customers, authorities and the general public Keep customers, suppliers and contractors informed about our environmental work
  • Use energy and raw materials prudently, and reduce waste Sort waste at source so that as much as possible it can be returned in accordance with an ecological approach
  • Lay the foundation for improvements to both internal and external environments by taking regular measurements and carrying out environmental audits 
  • Take suppliers’ and contractors’ environmental work into account when we procure goods and services in order to achieve shared improvements in partnership
  • Make the design of our workplaces ergonomically correct, avoid injury due to strain and, in general, have safe and healthy workplaces
  • Have personnel who are committed to and trained for environmental work
  • Make the safety and protection of people our highest priority, and have a fire protection plan for staff, facilities and the environment 
  • Fulfil the requirements of the environmental management standard ISO 14001 to guarantee that we comply with the authorities’ legal and other requirements in both the natural and working environments
  • Aim to be ahead of national and international legislation in both the natural and working environments

This policy has been formulated in accordance with the fundamental values of ImmunoDiagnostics. The environmental policy will be reviewed and updated regularly, and departures from it are dealt with in accordance with established procedures. 

This is an English translation of the Swedish original "Miljöpolicy", approved by Magnus Lundberg on March 27, 2006 (DocID 205432).