A number of applications are available for use by Phadia employees and consultants via a Citrix Terminal Environment. The security and access levels are based on a username, password and one-time created RSA SecurID token password.

To use programs from the Phadia Citrix Environment on a non-Phadia computer, you must install a Citrix plug-in in your web browser. The program is available from or downloaded by clicking on this link:

Download Citrix XenApp Web plug-in

After installing the plug-in, you enter in a web browser, which gives you the login page shown below.

Enter your username and password (same as on the network) together with your passcode (your pin code + the 6 digits displayed on your SecurID) and press the Login button.
When logged in successfully, you will be able to view and access all applications available on your access level.

Click the application you want to start. After a brief delay, it will start seamlessly in your client (and will look exactly as if it was started locally on your computer).