Phadia Congratulates AANMA On 25 Years Of Service To Allergy And Asthma Patients And Their Families

Phadia clinical sales force to help spread the word about AANMA’s Great American Asthma Challenge


Portage, MI—May 4, 2010—Today Phadia, the global leader in allergy testing, officially announces its support for Allergy and Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics (AANMA) on the eve of its 13th Annual Asthma Awareness Day Capitol Hill.  Phadia is going to work in conjunction with AANMA to enlist healthcare providers in the Great American Asthma Challenge (GAAC), the first-ever national grassroots movement to change asthma care in the U.S.

The Great American Asthma Challenge links people with asthma, their families and friends, healthcare providers, legislators and members of the healthcare industry in a shared mission to end asthma deaths and suffering. Participants log into a new interactive website, take a quick survey to establish a baseline and set goals, then complete Challenge activities targeted for three levels of users: families, healthcare providers and legislators. Throughout the Challenge, participants share feedback. At the end of the Challenge, users take a survey to measure progress.

Phadia’s national clinical sales force will join the effort by creating awareness for the GAAC among leading medical professionals in allergy and asthma care.

David Esposito, President and General Manager of Phadia US said, “Nancy Sander and the AANMA team are among the hardest-working advocates on behalf of those who are impacted by allergy and asthma. Initiatives spearheaded by AANMA have led to wider adoption of best practices in the healthcare community and broader and better understanding of the unique challenges faced by those with allergy and asthma. Now, AANMA celebrates the fact that all 50 states allow children with asthma to carry their medications in school – a significant accomplishment that certainly puts parents’ minds at ease.”

Esposito continued, “With the launch of the Great American Asthma Challenge, AANMA takes its advocacy to the next level with online tools that will lead to less severe asthma symptoms, fewer hospitalizations and emergency room visits, fewer missed days of school and work and, most importantly, fewer deaths. We are proud to support AANMA and to be a partner in the great work that they are doing, and we congratulate them on their 25th anniversary and their 13th annual Asthma Awareness Day Capitol Hill advocacy event.”

Nancy Sander, President and Founder of AANMA, said, “Phadia is involved. They are passionate about our mission and the GAAC grassroots strategy to eliminate death and suffering due to asthma, and Phadia’s ImmunoCAP sales force is among our first community volunteers. We look forward to continuing to work with Phadia to improve the care of allergy and asthma patients nationwide.”

Sander added, “The Great American Asthma Challenge is about overcoming asthma’s stranglehold on patients, families and communities. It’s about fixing rather than coping with problems. There are answers. It’s not what we give up but what we gain that matters. Working together with families, health care providers, the medical care industry and legislators, we can prevent 10 asthma deaths every day and the countless emergency department visits, missed work and school days and the suffering and uncertainty inherent with the condition.”

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