Phadia Introduces New Patient-Focused Website

Designed to empower healthcare consumers to better understand their allergies


Portage, MI—March 31, 2010—Phadia, the global leader in allergy testing, today announced that it has launched a new patient-focused website designed to inform and educate allergy and asthma sufferers on the benefits of allergy testing and allergic trigger avoidance.

The website, located at provides a range of resources for allergy and asthma sufferers.  Patients can enter results from their ImmunoCAP allergy test and create their own action plan designed to help them reduce allergy and asthma symptoms.

Most allergy sufferers are sensitive to more than one allergen.  The presence of multiple triggers adds up and results in allergic symptoms like sneezing, coughing, wheezing, and congestion.  By reducing exposure to specific allergy triggers, patients can also reduce their overall allergen load.  This can likewise lead to fewer symptoms – or even no symptoms at all, even when outdoor allergens like pollen and ragweed are at their worst.  Reassessing IgE levels on a regular basis allows the patient and physician to better assess the exposure reduction and the changing individual allergy profile.

Kevin TenBrink, Marketing Director for Phadia US, says, “Each patient has a unique allergen profile, much like a fingerprint, with no two alike.  Our goal is to provide patients with the information they need to understand their profile and help them successfully add exposure reduction into their overall treatment plan.  Most patients are not aware that by taking proactive steps to minimize their exposure to indoor allergens like pet dander, molds and dust, they can actually reduce the impact of outdoor allergens they can’t totally control such as grasses, tree pollens, and ragweed and likewise reduce their everyday symptoms.  With this information, patients and physicians can also understand exactly when to start pre-treatment to mitigate the effect of their allergy season.”

At the new patient-focused website, patients can learn about how the body’s immune response system reacts to the presence of allergens, and learn simple, easy to implement steps to reduce allergen exposure. In many cases, the proactive approach to allergen avoidance can reduce symptoms even more dramatically than the most widely-used allergy medications.

“Every allergy sufferer has a different allergy profile,” says Dr. Lawrence Higgins, an internist practicing in New York City.  “When we treat an allergy sufferer, we take a full patient history to understand the nature of their symptoms, the meds they are taking, and the results they have experienced to date.  But knowledge is power, and the information provided by an ImmunoCAP test, which provides a full picture of the body’s allergy profile, enables us to create a patient-specific action plan for allergy treatment.  ImmunoCAP has a significant role in my care of allergy and asthma sufferers, and I have personally seen dramatic results in my practice when I have been able to create a patient-specific allergy or asthma action plan using ImmunoCAP results as a foundation.”

About Phadia
Phadia AB, headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, is the world leader in in vitro IgE diagnostic research and product development.  Its US affiliate is Phadia US in Portage, Michigan. For more information, contact their Customer Service at 800.346.4364.