Autoimmunity Products

Phadia develops, manufactures and distributes innovative blood test systems with high clinical value to aid in the diagnosis and in the disease management of allergies and autoimmune disorders.


Our autoimmunity tests allow identification of pathogenic autoantibodies already in the early stages of the disease. This is important as only an early diagnosis and its immediate treatment inhibits the irreversible damages of the progressive autoimmune disease.  

Approximately 40 fully automated EliA and 40 Varelisa tests are currently available and the number of new tests is steadily increasing. The tests detect autoantibodies of high diagnostic value for different autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, connective tissue diseases, celiac disease and others.

In addition to the high number of autoimmunity tests, we offer reliable and fully automated instruments to ensure delivery of accurate and reproducible test results.