Designed for the medium-size laboratory


  • Allergy and autoimmunity testing in one run
  • High precision and reproducibility
  • Quantitative results 
  • Continuous random access 
  • All reagents are stored onboard
  • Connectable to Laboratory Information System (LIS)

Comprehensive test menu

The ImmunoCAP allergy and asthma portfolio covers a wide range of tests including: grass, weed and tree pollens, microorganisms, mites, cats, dogs and other furred animals, insects, venoms, food allergens and cellular markers for asthma and inflammation (ECP and Tryptase).

In addition, Phadia 250 allows measurement of autoantibodies of more than 20 autoimmune related diseases through the EliA product line. Highly specific tests are provided to aid in the diagnosis of diseases such as Connective Tissue Diseases (CTD), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Antiphospholipid Syndrome, Vasculitis and Celiac Disease.

Throughput and productivity

Phadia 250 delivers the first result within 100 minutes from the start time and then processes 60 tests per hour.The instrument is ideal for labs performing up to 350 - 400 tests per day and approximately 2000 tests per week.  

Phadia 250 can be connected to a Laboratory Automation System for fast and reliable transportation of samples. All instruments of the Phadia Laboratory Systems family can be clustered, allowing laboratories to share resources, thereby ensuring that samples are processed as efficiently as possible.

Phadia laboratory systems are all highly automated, requiring minimal hands-on time. Choosing the system with the capacity matching your needs for throughput ensures optimal productivity.


Specialized software

Phadia Information Data Manager (IDM) Software

  • Allows 28 days storage of standard curves
  • Allows ImmunoCAP and EliA tests in one run
  • Allows export of results in several formats for connectivity with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)
  • Offers flexible report options
  • Offers multilingual support

Remote diagnostics

Phadia LabCommunity provides customers with enhanced support and troubleshooting assistance that can reduce system downtime. Features include:

  • Remote collection of data needed for service and support activities
  • Proactive system health status check
  • Automatic reporting of Quality Club results to Phadia

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