The ImmunoCAP Family of Products

Phadia develops, manufactures and distributes innovative blood test systems to aid in the diagnosis and in the disease management of allergies and autoimmune disorders.


As the world leader in in vitro allergy diagnostics, we supply seven out of ten allergy laboratory tests worldwide. ImmunoCAP offers everything from direct point-of-care tests to exact measurement of specific IgE antibody blood levels, as well as other important allergy risk markers. ImmunoCAP is one of the most important tools for truly understanding allergy, helping clinicians make sense of symptoms such as rhinitis, eczema, wheezing and asthma.

No wonder laboratories and physicians alike have come to rely on ImmunoCAP as their first choice for in vitro allergy testing.

Some products on this website may only be available in certain countries. For more information, contact your local Phadia representative.