Measurement of specific IgE antibodies with ImmunoCAP ISAC results in a broad spectrum allergen profile on a molecular level
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ImmunoCAP ISAC is a highly advanced in vitro diagnostic test using biochip technology. It allows simultaneous measurement of specific antibodies to multiple allergen components in a single test, using only a few µl of serum or plasma. The specific IgE chip delivers results for over a hundred components from more than 50 allergen sources. The allergens are pre-selected and include markers for cross-reactivity.

ImmunoCAP ISAC is a useful tool, especially for more complex cases such as those with inconsistent case history, unsatisfactory response to treatment or polysensitized patients.

In addition to the IgE chip, there are chips for measurement of IgG antibodies and IgG4 antibodies.

Test procedure

Purified allergen components are immobilised on the biochip. In a two step assay, antibodies from the patient serum bind to the immobilised allergen components. After a short washing step, allergen bound antibodies are detected by a fluorescence-labeled antibody.

Test results are measured with a biochip scanner and evaluated using the Phadia MIA software. ImmunoCAP ISAC is a semi-quantitative test and results are reported in ISAC Standardised Units (ISU).