Phadia Information Data Manager (IDM) software is specifically designed to manage assay runs, test requests and results, and to provide quality control of data and inventory.

Powerful technology

With this state-of-the-art software, you can run up to 5 Phadia 100, 5 Phadia 250 and 5 Phadia 1000 systems together. It allows the integration of several Phadia instruments.

Simplified handling

  • Ensures fast and secure online transfer of test results
  • Lab and patient reporting that facilitates quick data interpretation

Phadia Information Data Manager facilitates comprehensive allergy and autoimmunity testing

Unbeatable performance in:

  • Results management
  • Quality Control (QC) management
  • Instrument monitoring
  • Stock management

Setting the standard in allergy and autoimmunity testing

Today’s Phadia laboratory systems are the result of almost 40 years of technology, chemistry and instrument development. Phadia Information Data Manager is at the core of the 4th generation in allergy testing technology from Phadia

Phadia Information Data Manager is the optimal software solution in allergy and autoimmunity testing.