Press Release: Pharmacia Diagnostics AB changes its name to Phadia AB

The new identity reflects the successful establishment of an independent company


Uppsala January 15, 2006

Pharmacia Diagnostics AB, the world leader in allergy and autoimmunity diagnostics, changes its name to Phadia AB, effective January 15, 2006.
Phadia is pronounced with a long a, as in Farm.
The reason for the name change is that the company wants to have all rights to and full control of its company name. Also, it likes to emphasize its identity as an independent and dedicated diagnostics company. The company was previously a division of the Pharmacia and Pfizer groups, but has been an independent corporation owned by financial investors since 2004.
"Since our establishment as an independent company our business has developed very strongly," says Magnus Lundberg, President and CEO. "Our sales have increased significantly and we have strengthened our world leading market position even further."
"Our new name is a clear indication that we are now an independent company totally focused on diagnostics. But nothing else changes. Our ownership, organization and staff remains just as before. We will continue our successful efforts to make allergy testing available to new and larger groups of doctors and patients and to introduce high quality automated test systems for autoimmune diseases."
For further information, please contact:
Magnus Lundberg, President and CEO,
Pharmacia Diagnostics AB
+46 18 16 35 42
+46 70 536 35 42
About Phadia AB
Phadia AB develops, produces and markets diagnostic test systems in the areas of allergy and autoimmune diseases.
The headquarters are located in Uppsala, Sweden, which is also the center of the allergy operations. Freiburg, Germany is the center of the autoimmunity business. The company has its own market companies in 18 countries.
The company's products, based on the unique ImmunoCAPä and EliAä technologies, are used by more than 3000 laboratories in 60 different countries. Phadia is the world market leader in allergy diagnostics.
Phadia has a total of 1100 employees world-wide. 2005 sales amounted to approx. SEK 2400 million.




As in all diagnostic testing, the diagnosis is made by the physican based on both test results and the patient history.