EAACI 2012

Dear EAACI delegate,

It was great seeing you at the EAACI congress in Geneva! As promised please find valuable information tools and materials for you to download.

Symposium & Webcast on "Dynamics of allergic disease"

At this year’s EAACI meeting, we arranged a symposium entitled “Dynamics of allergic disease: value of early diagnosis, management and follow-up”, attracting more than 400 participants. To view the full program, click the callout on the right.

View two webcast by the chair Professor Marianne van Hage:

  • "Introduction to molecular allergology" - a brief introduction.
    View webcast
  • "Molecular Allergology in daily clinical practice" - a summary of the session.
    View webcast

ImmunoCAP Allergen Components - Allergy as you’ve never seen it

An allergy diagnosis is taken to a whole new level when including allergen components in the diagnostic work up. In Molecular Allergology sensitization to allergen components is measured giving a detailed picture of the patient’s sIgE profile. This enables risk assessment of the allergy, explains symptoms due to cross-reactivity and helps in identifying patients suitable for SIT treatment, supporting the doctor in patient management.

Attached presentations give you preliminary insights to the clinical utility of some of our components packages that you can run on Phadia laboratory systems.

Molecular Allergology, Egg, Milk, Olive, Peanut, Soy, Venoms, Furry Animals

You can also find a short presentation of the clinical and technical features of our new ImmunoCAP ISAC 112 system.


Allergame – play and learn!

Allergame is an interactive and educational game that explores the often complex world of allergy – and how blood testing can help you make a well-founded diagnosis.

Help your patients take relevant actions!

A well informed patient is probably more keen on following your advice and to take necessary actions in order to reduce symptoms of allergies. Attached materials is to help you give your patients relevant advice on allergies and avoidance advice.

The Allergy Action Plan is a tool to help you give your patients tailor-made evidance advise to your patient.
Go to http://www.isitallergy.info/en/Container-Page/Information/For-Clinicians/

The patient folder will help inform your patients about the value of a correct diagnosis and the importance of minimizing exposure to the identified allergens. You can download the folder here.

Patient folder

We hope you will find them interesting and of great value in your clinical practice!

As in all diagnostic testing, the diagnosis is made by the physican based on both test results and the patient history.