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Mare's milk

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Code: f286
Latin name: Equus spp.
Source material: Frozen mare's milk
Crossreactivity between cow’s milk and mare’s milk has been shown in RAST inhibition.

Allergen Exposure

Unexpected exposure
Sometimes used in ointments.

Clinical Experience

IgE-mediated reactions
Clinical symptoms in cow's milk allergic patients have been described (1).
Cow’s milk allergic patients using ointments containing mare’s milk have suffered severe clinical symptoms (1). Crossreactivity between cow’s milk and mare’s milk has been shown in RAST inhibition (1). The authors suggest the crossreactivity is linked to sensitization to casein. On the other hand, heat labile proteins, presumably a-lactalbumin and b-lactoglobulin, of mare’s milk showed no relation to the corresponding cow’s milk proteins as judged by IgE response, skin tests and clinical sensitivity in a middle-aged woman (2).


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As in all diagnostic testing, the diagnosis is made by the physican based on both test results and the patient history.