Asthma caused by sulfones chloramides

  • Farmer
  • Hospital staff
  • Service Personnel
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Water treatment industry
Chloramine t, Halazone, Tosylcloramide.
Incidence: increasing. Initially, the problem was restricted to those manufacturing the products, but now maintenance personnel are affected as well.
IgE-dependent mechanism.
The influence of atopy has not been discussed.
Sensitization occurring during water treatment or the manufacture of the chemicals. This sensitisation may also occur in all persons using these products.
Classic asthma. A case of hyperthermia associated with the asthma has been described. The possibility of RADS (reactive airways dysfunction syndrome, or asthma caused by irritants – Brook's syndrome)exists.
Diagnostic methods
Skin prick test (allergen extract not commercially available).
Immunological assay: RAST/CAP RAST chloramine T.
Bronchial provocation test (in hospital) produces both immediate and delayed reactions.


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As in all diagnostic testing, the diagnosis is made by the physican based on both test results and the patient history.