Resolve unclear case history of allergy to furry animals

The case history of pet allergic patients does not always clearly suggest which animal(s) is causing the symptoms. Furthermore, many patients allergic to furry animals are positive to several pet dander extracts such as cat, dog and horse.

ImmunoCAP Components will help you:

  • Resolve multiple positivity to pet extracts
  • Define  primary sensitizer(s) and understand cross-reactions to pets to:
  • Improve pet allergen avoidance advice
  • Facilitate identification of patients and selection of appropriate extracts for immunotherapy

ImmunoCAP Cat Dander

Complete Extract e1  
ImmunoCAP Components:
Specific components

Fel d 1

Define true sensitization

Fel d 4

Cross reactive Components Fel d 2 – Serum albumin

ImmunoCAP Dog Dander

Complete Extract e5  
ImmunoCAP Components: 
Specific components 

Can f 1

Define true sensitization


Can f 2


Can f 5

Cross-reactive components

Can f 3

Serum albumin

ImmunoCAP Horse Dander

Complete Extract e3  
ImmunoCAP Components:
Specific Components Equ c 1  


Click to view enlarged pictures of suggested test profile for furry animals

Make a precise assessment

ImmunoCAP Allergen components help you differentiate between ”true” allergies and cross-reactivity.

Make a substantiated decision

A better differentiation helps you give relevant advice and de_ ne the optimal treatment.

Make a difference

More informed management helps you improve the patient’s well-being and quality of life.

As in all diagnostic testing, the diagnosis is made by the physican based on both test results and the patient history.