The exe-files below must be run on a PC with floppy drive to create bootable diskettes for ImmunoCAP 100.


Method Tools



  • Change Concentration Factor for IgG4
    Below is an exe file that can be used to change the concentration factors for tests added to the IgG4 method.
    Read the "Quick info no. 12, 2006" for more information!
    Download the exe file here



  • Reset PAU Reporting
    If it is required to change the way Phadiatop and Phadiatop Infant is reported it is now possible to do this with below tool.

    Below exe-file creates a diskette that works as a method diskette.

    The diskette will reset the PAU parameters making the question "Would you like to report Phad as PAU?" to come up the next time the instrument starts.
    Reset Pau.exe


Result tools

Evaluation Tool

  • Evaluation Tool version 2.0
    This is a program that will help interpreting the log files exported from instrument menu 6.11.3.

    The installation file below (.msi) of Evaluation Tool is only possible to install and run on computers that are not locked by Phadia. 

    On the Start Page of the application there is a button on the upper toolbar called Help. Click on the Help button, and you will get a description of the content on the Start Page. At the bottom of the Help page there is a link called User Manual. Double click on the link and you will access the manual for the Evaluation Tool.

    Download Evaluation Tool


Log file tool

  • Combine.bat file merges log files
    If the exported log files from an Phadia 100 is more than 1.4 Mb the files will be split into as many files, or floppt discs, as needed.

    These files are not zip-files! The file extension will be Z_1, Z_2, Z_3 and so on.

    The Z_n files must be merged to one zip-file. The tool "combine.bat" will help you with this.


Service Methods

  • Service Method Evaluation Tool
    This is an Excel application that will help interpreting files from the Service Methods described in the Service Manual on pages TP34 to TP53.
    Download xls


Excel macro

  • Excel sheet for calculating %CV
    This Excel macro is used to verify instrument performance. See pages 2.16 to 2.24 in the UniCAP 100 User's Guide for information on how to use this tool.
    Download xls


Other Tools


  • Scan/Defrag Make a Scan/Defrag Diskette
    To make a Scan/Defrag disc Open below exe file, insert a floppy disc to the A: drive and follow instructions on the screen.

    How to perform the Scan/Defrag
    Put the diskette in the instrument, turn the power on and follow the instructions on the instrument screen.
    Download Scandisc.exe


As in all diagnostic testing, the diagnosis is made by the physican based on both test results and the patient history.