I am only interested in peanut, egg and milk, but not latex. Why are all the >100 results reported to me?

I am only interested in peanut, egg and milk, but not latex. Why are all the >100 results reported to me?
Answer: ISAC can reveal unexpected allergens. In most cases only the relevant allergens are identified. In a minority of cases, unsuspected and relevant allergens are identified with ISAC, which is one of the strengths of the assay. However, in a minority of cases asymptomatic allergens are also identified, and it is often difficult to find out if this result is due to: - A true IgE ab response with lack of clinical symptoms due to an “allergen load” below the clinical threshold. The question is whether this IgE response will increase and lead to the development of clinical reactions, or decrease/stay stable and never give rise to any clinical reactions? - A true IgE ab response, with lack of clinical symptoms, due to a component that is rarely associated with clinical symptoms (such as CCD or profilin). - Assay artefacts giving rise to a false positive response. This can be assessed by checking low-level results with extra care, looking for other closely related allergens that may support your suspicion. Since the ISAC platform only supports one standard platform for all customers, IgE determinations to identical allergen panels are collected from different geographical regions and patient types. This facilitates valuable global/local analyses of IgE profile differences and similarities. It will also enable a robust research tool in the MA field and facilitate faster standardization of the clinical relevance and utility of different components. Since ISAC is a novel technique we believe it is of value for the entire MA field to collect as much information as possible in this early phase.
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As in all diagnostic testing, the diagnosis is made by the physican based on both test results and the patient history.