ISAC Xplain

  1. Does every customer need to sign an agreement for Xplain?

    Yes. The agreement template can be found on: http://DiaNet/MolecularAllergology/ISAC/Software

  2. How do I order Xplain for a customer?

    The LabWizard software modules are available for download from LabNet. LabNet is a restricted web area within the Thermo Fisher firewall that has an extra high level of security. As a first step you need to apply for access to LabNet. • Contact system support; to get access to => Result Guidance pages. • For more information on this procedure, go to DiaNet/Allergy/Products/Phadia LabCommunity/How to get access?

  3. How do I get the ISAC Xplain comments in my local language?

    A: If the language already exists in another Xplain installation (e.g. another customer already uses it) you will automatically have access to this language. What you need to do then is to change the default language settings for Xplain (present in MIA). Instructions also available in Result Guidance User’s guide, chapter 5.1 on page 23 (how to do it) and 36 (country codes). • Login in as ADMIN and Start the settings tool with the keyboard keys ALT + CTRL + E. Fill in the correct country code under the node LabWizard and select the „Set‟ button. Note! Be sure to enter the settings without any space before or after. B: If you need a language that doesn’t already exist in the installation you will need to translate a file, prior to installation of Xplain at customer site that contains all names of the allergens and comments. The file is provided from Product Support. When translated – the file needs to be sent back to Product Support who will install it. Thereafter a customer installation of Xplain will be possible. Follow the previous instructions (A) for changing the language settings above after completed installation.

  4. Do I need admin rights to install ISAC Xplain or Phadia MIA on my computer?

    A: Yes, for customers that don’t have Thermo Fisher computers you will need admin rights. B: No, for internal installations within Thermo Fisher you will not need admin rights. It’s the same principal as for IDM. Order your access via IT Support.

  5. For ISAC Xplain I want to change from manual validation to automatic validation of the comments. How do I do that?

    Select the project in the Validator main screen.

    Then, from the File menu, choose the 'Autovalidation override' sub-menu. A dialog box with the options will appear.

    As a validator you can choose between the following settings:

    • Default autovalidation

    • Autovalidate all cases for a project (including those with unevaluated variables in comments or untranslated comments)

    • Turn off autovalidation for that project so that all cases are manually reviewed.

As in all diagnostic testing, the diagnosis is made by the physican based on both test results and the patient history.