1. What is the new Gliadin (f98) composed of?

    Gliadin (f98) contains native, highly purified (99%) alpha-, beta-, gamma- and omgega-gliadins (including omega-5 gliadin) and this product shows high sensitivity for detecting gliadin-specific IgE antibodies. It does not pick up any grass cross-reacting IgE antibodies. Comment: In the 1% that is not gliadins, there is no profilin, CCD or LTP. Profilin and CCD are the allergens responsible for cross-reactivity with grass.

  2. What is the utility of f98?

    Gliadins are specific markers for IgE mediated wheat food allergies and a severity marker in immediate wheat allergy and Wheat-Dependent Exercise-Induced Allergy (WDEIA).

  3. Will f98 replace any existing product, e.g. gluten (f79)?

    No, not at this point.

  4. What is gluten (f79) good for? Why is gluten (f79) not included in the Wheat Sales Package?

    The gluten ImmunoCAP (f79) contains many water soluble, grass-cross-reactive proteins and is furthermore rather low in glutenins and gliadins. Therefore this is not really a good test. <strong>Comment:</strong> The likelihood that sensitization to e.g. HMW can be picked up by f79 has not been evaluated, but is considered to be low.

  5. Can f98 be used for diagnosing celiac disease?

    f98 has been developed for the detection of IgE antibodies in wheat food allergy. It is not intended for and has not been validated for IgA and IgG antibody diagnostic testing in celiac disease, i.e. no cut off value has been established.

  6. Do we have any deamidated gliadin/hydrolyzed gliadin for IgE measurements?

    No. The only deamidated gliadin product is the EliA Gliadin DP which is intended for IgA/IgG detection in sera of patients suspected of celiac disease.

  7. What is the composition of Gliadin IgA/IgG ImmunoCAP (AGf98) ?

    Gliadin AGf98 contains a purified Gliadin preparation and is intended for detecting IgA/IgG in celiac disease patients. It is not intended for detecting sIgE against gliadins, and it gives a high background signal in the range 0.1-1 kU<sub>A</sub>/L, furthermore it contains some water-soluble proteins that pick up non-gliadin directed sIgE.

  8. What weat products are available at the moment?

    <strong>List of ImmunoCAP wheat products</strong> <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">IgE detection</span></strong> Wheat (f4) Gliadin (f98) Tri a 19, w-5 gliadin, (f416) Tri a 14, LTP (f433) Gluten (f79) &nbsp; <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">IgA/IgG detection</span></strong> Gliadin IgA/IgG ImmunoCAP (AGf98)

As in all diagnostic testing, the diagnosis is made by the physican based on both test results and the patient history.