Tryptase upper normal value

Could help me to find the reference of the study which has establish 11,5 ng/l for the upper normal value, to which Escribano refers in his article (enclosed), and is currently accepted by many users?

The document has been updated and is now available in a newer version (attached). The authors are both Escribano and Peter Valent and they have updated the upper normal value to 15 ng/mL (both on page 4 & 5). Please find the reference to this value attached (Schwartz 2006). When it comes to the evaluation, it is recommended that each laboratory establishes its own expected range of values but I would guess that most of the labs accepts this range or a range very close to this one. Please have in mind also that there is a study shown in the DfU for Tryptase (also attached, look at page 2) that is made in-house and to which we often refer. In this one the 95 upper percentile is 11.4 µg/l corresponding to 11.4 ng/mL but as you can see there are healthy individuals having both 15-16 µg/l and 18-19 µg/l, however the mean is 3.8µg/l.

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