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Our mission is to dramatically improve the management of allergy, asthma, and autoimmune diseases by providing healthcare professionals with superior diagnostic technologies and clinical expertise. We achieve this by developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative blood test systems to aid in the diagnosis and disease management of allergies and autoimmune disorders.
  • Allergensøk, puff


    Søk etter ImmunoCAP-allergener og allergenkomponenter. Merk at all informasjon er på engelsk

As the world leader in in vitro allergy diagnostics, we offer everything from direct point-of-care tests to exact measurement of specific IgE antibody blood levels, as well as other important allergy risk markers. ImmunoCAP is one of the most important tools for truly understanding allergy, helping clinicians make sense of symptoms such as rhinitis, eczema, wheezing and asthma.

EliA blood tests, for efficient autoimmunity testing, is a tool that can have major impact on a physician’s diagnostic decision thereby making a difference in patient care. We use advanced techniques such as recombinant gene technology to develop the latest in standardized, reliable and high quality blood tests for the detection of disease-specific autoantibodies.

Delivering our products to a global market can sometimes be as challenging as manufacturing them. That's because we are dedicated to providing testing products that work as well in the real world as they do in our quality control laboratory.

To that end, we continually upgrade our sophisticated production and distribution system to manage the timely worldwide delivery of perishable test kits. And of course, we take into account various regional differences and unpredictable pollen seasons around the world.

Another way we strive for excellence is by working with quality conscious laboratory staff in more than 50 countries to help identify areas for improvement. Moreover, we regularly exchange vital reference information via our Quality Club initiative, a unique forum for voluntary cooperation between more than 800 leading clinical laboratories around the world.

  • Phadia Laboratory Systems

    Phadia Laboratory Systems er en skreddersydd plattform spesielt designet for diagnostiske ImmunoCAP-tester for allergi og EliA-tester for autoimmunitet med enestående klinisk verdi.

    • Phadia 250

      Phadia 250

      Designet for måling av antistoffer som genererer klinisk relevante resultater av allergi- og autoimmunitetstester.

    • Phadia 1000

      Phadia 1000

      En arbeidshest i laboratoriet – dedikert til allergitesting og optimal arbeidsflyt i laboratoriet.

    • Phadia 2500

      Phadia 2500

      Fleksibilitet og uovertruffen kapasitet sammen med dokumentert pålitelighet og nøyaktighet.

  • Diagnoseprodukter

    Phadias laboratoriesystemer er en skreddersydd plattform spesielt designet for diagnostiske ImmunoCAP-tester for allergi og EliA-tester for autoimmunitet med utmerket klinisk verdi.

    • Allergy products


      Vi er verdensledende innenfor in vitro-diagnostisering av allergi og leverer utstyr til sju av ti laboratorietester for allergi i verden.

    • Autoimmunitetsprodukter


      Avanserte teknikker for å utvikle de nyeste standardiserte, nøyaktige, pålitelige og brukervennlige diagnostiske testene.

As in all diagnostic testing, the diagnosis is made by the physican based on both test results and the patient history.