Product Launch:
Phadia launches EliA Ro52 and EliA Ro60

Phadia is pleased to announce the availability of two new fully automated tests to help in more specific diagnosis of connective tissue diseases.

The new assays complement the already existing EliA Ro test, which includes both antigens, Ro52 and Ro60. A positive Ro60 antibody test is indicative for SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus), if no Ro52 antibodies are present.

Anti-Ro52 is the most prevalent antibody in myositis patients and points to a risk of neonatal lupus and congenital heart block of the newborn, if present in the mother's blood. For a proper differential diagnosis separate testing of anti-Ro52 and anti-Ro60 is recommended.

Both tests use human recombinant antigens produced in the baculovirus/insect cell system, assuring a very high specificity of the results, and can be run on the Phadia Laboratory Systems ‘Phadia 100’ and ‘Phadia 250’.

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